We couldn’t do this without our sponsors

Thank you to all of you for your support.

Sweetwater’s sponsors choose to partner with us for more than just return on investment considerations; they strongly believe in our mission to expose local youth to the positive mental and physical benefits of the natural world.

Sojourn Outdoors

Summit Sponsor

Sojourn Outdoors

As Central Ontario’s Leading Adventure & Lifestyle Retailer for over 25 years, Sojourn is committed to connecting people to nature. Let them be the heart of your next outdoor adventure. Visit them to check out the latest clothing, footwear, gear, and rental equipment. Adventure Begins Here.

Camp 3

Body 'N Balance Physio & Wellness Clinic
Freespirit Tours
Highlands Nordic
Max FM
Radio Sponsor

Camp 2

Comly Eye Care Optometrist


Georgian Copy & Printers
Northwinds Brewhouse And Kitchen