February 23 | Simcoe Street Theatre | Collingwood


Frozen Tails  |  The Films

February 23, 7PM, Simcoe Street Theatre, Collingwood


For some winter is a time to draw inward, slow down and hibernate. Others choose to embrace the elements and push their limits, leaving comfortable behind. These films celebrate those who freeze their ‘tails’ off on early morning winter runs, brave snowstorms for fresh tracks, and turn up the internal thermostat instead of the one on the wall.


Proceeds go directly towards our non-profit programs that expose local youth to active outdoor opportunities including ​rock​ ​climbing,​ ​caving,​ ​canoeing,​ ​kayaking, paddle​ ​boarding,​ ​snowshoeing,​ ​skiing,​ ​and​ ​mountain​ ​biking.


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2.5 Million
22 minutes

Director: Tyler Wilkinson-Ray

“2.5 Million” follows American skier Aaron Rice as he sets out to ski 2.5 million human-powered vertical feet in the backcountry and set a new world record. To be successful Aaron will have to ski over 330 days in the calendar year and chase snow around the world. The challenge is both physical and mental, and injuries are simply not an option.

Freedom Of The Wheels
Freedom Of The Wheels
18 minutes

Director: Jon Glassberg

Two unlikely heroes set out for an adventure of epic proportions in this audacious scooter romp across Colorado. Inspired by the sheer fortitude of Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber, professional climbers Matt Segal and Will Stanhope set out to cross over 400 miles of snow covered passes and dangerous highways from the seat of Matt’s 50cc scooter. What emerges is a lesson in living and friendship that will have you planning your own adventure before the credits roll.

The Frozen Road
24 minutes

Director: Ben Page

In early 2016 I cycled through Canada’s frozen north to the Arctic Sea, in doing so completing the second continent of my bicycle ride around the world. It was a journey dreamt up in the arid deserts of the Chilean Atacama a year earlier, but realising this dream was to be a far greater challenge than I had ever imagined. As I my latitude grew ever greater and the mercury fell below -30C, I discovered what it truly means to travel alone in this great emptiness.

Into Twin Galaxies
52 minutes

Director: Jochen Schmoll

Somewhere near Baffin Bay, in the frozen expanse of western Greenland’s ice sheets, are two connected rivers. It’s a never-before-explored area that polar adventurers Sarah McNair-Landry, Erik Boomer and Ben Stookesberry have dubbed “Twin Galaxies.” The trio are true explorers, hauling sleds of gear and kayaks across 600 miles of glaciers and crevasses to be the first to run an Arctic river that they’ve only glimpsed on Google Earth. The 46-day expedition combines kiteboarding, skiing, camping and kayaking and is fraught with injuries, disappointments and frigid weather. But their efforts are rewarded with stunning canyons of blue ice and the chance to paddle first descents of churning waterfalls that spit them out into the Arctic Ocean.

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