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The Sweetwater Film Festival is an outdoor adventure film festival hosted in Collingwood, ON gathering together the local outdoor community for a night of storytelling through film; 100% of the proceeds fund outdoor programs for local youth.
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Looking for some inspiration? Watch these, then get out there.
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Where The Wild Things Play Director: Krystle Wright Rather than question why aren't there more ladies, we should be celebrating what ladies are already here. Because by celebrating the bad ass ladies...

"The Friendly Pirate" digs deep down in the inspiring life story of Ash Keillah . A young Australian surfer who saw his career and his passion in jeopardy after suffering...

I originally set out to make this film as a sort of homage to Wallace Stegner and the enduring words he wrote in his famous 'Wilderness Letter' to Congress in...

Some people run for exercise and others for competition, but Johnnie Jameson runs to heal. Whether it’s the barista at your coffee shop, the valet parking your car, or the...

Finnish freediver Johanna Nordblad holds the world record for a 50-meter dive under ice. She discovered her love for the sport through cold-water treatment while recovering from a downhill biking...

Throughout the Southwest, legends surf the pavement at speeds nearing 80mph. In search of mountain passes, desert highways, and hairpin turns - embrace the spirit of Dre Nubine and Jonah...

For the past two decades, Mick Fanning has collected homes all over the world – returning to the same places, the same towns, the same waves, each year on the...

'Mira' follows the journey of a spirited Nepali village girl on her pursuit to being a world-recognised mountain runner. Growing up in a remote mountain village in Nepal, Mira always...

Adventure artist Jeremy Collins traveled to Nepal after the devastating 2015 earthquake to see what his art could offer the people of Nepal. He found that despite all of the...