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The Sweetwater Film Festival is an outdoor adventure film festival hosted in Collingwood, ON gathering together the local outdoor community for a night of storytelling through film; 100% of the proceeds fund outdoor programs for local youth.
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Looking for some inspiration? Watch these, then get out there.
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(To)day Dream Director: Duct Tape Then Beer Find an empty spot on your calendar and schedule some time to nd an empty spot on the map. Doesn’t matter if it’s a...

What If You Fly Directors: Renan Ozturk,Taylor Rees Hawaiian artist and muralist Sean Yoro (a.k.a. HULA) travels to the arctic waters of Ba n Island, Nunavut, to paint a portrait of a...

On Days Like This We Must Surf Director: Jake Kovnat Surfng on a lake? Impossible, right? Wrong. Loveable wild man Larry Cavero lives for sur ng the ice-cold waters of The Great...

My Irnik Directors: François Lebeau , Matthew Hood “My Irnik” is about a father and son’s relationship and the passion of shared adventure. Set in Arctic Canada, Conor, a young father and...

A Higher Crawling Director: Eric Becker A brand new generation of rock climbers is emerging. Watch as these two really, really young people compete for the spot of best crawler. Created in...

The Hard Way Directors: Jeremy Lurgio, Erik Petersen The Hard Way is the inspirational story of Bob Hayes, an 89-year-old who runs 30 races each year, cuts his rewood by hand...

Ice Call Director: Antoine Frioux PVS Company presents ICE CALL, an extract of “BACKYARDS PROJECT”, a freeski movie of Sam FAVRET. Discover a new perspective of the mythical Mer de Glace, at...

Ascend Director: Simon Perkins As a young adult, Jon Wilson lost his leg to cancer. Mountain biking played a critical role in helping Jon sink his teeth back into life. Ascend attempts...

Bear Witness Directors: Fitz Cahall, Nate Ptacek Relive the excitement of Dave and Amy Freeman’s Year in the Wilderness in this stunning short lm that follows their year spent in the...

Dirtbag: The Legend Of Fred Beckey (Extended Trailer) Director: Dave O’Leske Fred Beckey is the original American “Dirtbag” climber whose name has evoked mystery, adulation and vitriol since the 1940s. Beckey’s stubborn,...